Eesti Newfoundlandi Koerte ja Landseeride Tõuühing
eesti keeles    The Estonian Newfoundland and Landseer Club

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     Non-profit organization the Estonian Newfoundland and Landseer Club has founded on the 15th of September, 1998 and the club is recognized by the Estonian Kennel Union. The aim of the club is to promote newfoundland dogs and landseers in Estonia and to coordinate the breeding of newfoundland dogs. Club also considers important to develop the working instincts of newfoundland dogs and landseers, especially rescue in the water.

Last news

- Newfoundland dogs and landseer will be not judged in the Speciality Show (CAC) on the 27th of January, 2002, because small amount of exhibitors have been registered for the show- the 20th of December, 2001 
- The Speciality Show (CAC) for Newfoundland Dogs, Landseers and Retrievers takes place in Tallinn "Kristiine Sport" (Forelli Str. 12) on the 27th of January, 2002 - the 12th of November, 2001 
- The page of available puppies has been improved with the information about one newfoundland litter - the 15th of October, 2001
- The link page has been improved with the website of Tiina`s Newfoundland - the 15th of October, 2001
- Watertraining near of the village Tõdva finished for this year, but we will continue in May, 2002. - the 17th of September, 2001